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Connecting your Nation
Connecting your Nation

Complete these steps to automatically store all your campaign supporter details in your NationBuilder database

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The first step once you've created your new account is to connect your nation so all data from your CampaignNow direct email petitions can be stored in your central NationBuilder database.


The process to connect your nation is simple and secured by an industry-grade authentication sequence.

  1. Confirm your nation slug
    First, you must navigate to your main account settings page. This is where you can confirm you are using the correct nation slug (see an explanation of how to find your nation slug). If your nation is not yet connected you will see an alert message instructing you to "connect your nation in the account settings section so your campaigns are fully functional" (see the screenshot below)

  2. Click the "connect nation" button
    This will direct you to log into the control panel of your nation (if you aren't already signed in). Once you have completed the log in form you will be redirected back to CampaignNow where you will see a message confirming "Your nation was successfully connected to NationBuilder"

Other Key Points

  1. Only admin users will be able to authenticate your CampaignNow account with your nation. If you do not have the required access you will need to request additional NationBuilder permissions from an admin of your nation, or request that the admin completes the process to connect your nation to CampaignNow

  2. If you edit your nation slug you will need to once again follow the process to connect your nation with the new slug.

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