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Start your free trial by completing a basic signup form - no credit card required

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CampaignNow offers a two-week free trial to all new users, and no credit card is required when creating your account.

Creating a NationBuilder Account

CampaignNow is a NationBuilder-first integration, build exclusively for customers of that digital organising platform in order to add powerful direct email petitions to the suite of campaign tools in the NationBuilder arsenal. As such, it is important to first create an account with NationBuilder (known as a 'nation') before signing up to CampaignNow. If you haven't already created your 'nation', please do so here:

Creating a CampaignNow Account

In order start experimenting with the power of CamapignNow, you can create a free account with the service on our website homepage: You will be required to enter your name, email, nation slug and password.

How do you find your 'nation slug'?

Your 'nation slug' refers to the unique identifier of your NationBuilder account. It is the name you gave when you signed up and appears in the control panel URL. For example, in the URL - the slug is 'example'.

What Next?

Once you've created your CampaignNow account it's time to connect your nation so data from your direct email campaigns can be stored in your central NationBuilder database.

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