Capturing the data you need

Select what data to capture on your CampaignNow forms by choosing the fields that are important to you

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NOTE: Any changes made in the configure step of a live campaign will require you to copy and paste the code into your website. Find more information on that process in our section on launching your campaign.

CampaignNow allows you to capture the supporter data you need via a range of default fields that integrate directly with your NationBuilder account. You can also capture data in custom fields to ensure you collect the precise details you need.

Configuring your email campaigns

The core focus of the configure step is to:

  • select the data you wish to capture

  • adjust the order of your campaign's fields

  • determine which data is required

  • control whether the campaign content is editable by supporters

  • set the default content for your campaign's subject line and email body 

Selecting the data you wish to capture

When you navigate to the "configure" step for one your existing campaigns you will see a screen like the example below. In order to add new fields to this campaign, simply click the dropdown list titled "add other fields to the form", select the relevant option and click the "add field" button:

Once you have selected all the desired fields you can reorder them to suit your needs.

Reordering form fields

The first cell in each row in the list of form fields contains an icon consisting of an upwards pointing and downwards pointing arrow. If you wish to reorder a specific field, simply select that cell with the arrows icon and move the entire row to the location that best suits. Repeat this process until all fields are correctly ordered.

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