Why CampaignNow?

Five great reasons to start using CampaignNow for your direct email petition actions today

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Organisations love CampaignNow because it offers a broad set of tools and allows a high level of customisation.

Designers love knowing that their campaigns can easily be styled and structured as they please while organisers praise the fact they can track any data they need. 

Among its many easy-to-use features CampaignNow provides:

  1. Complete control over your campaign design and structure.
    CampaignNow uses simple HTML forms that give you full power to add your own styles and layout, reorder form fields, change all text colour and sizes - even create a staged form completion process. Additionally, all auto-generated code always uses the existing NationBuilder styles to help match your site design.

  2. Full support for all NationBuilder data capture
    In addition to NationBuilder's default data fields, CampaignNow supports custom fields and signup tags, so you can collect exactly the information you need from supporters.

  3. Ease of use and simple campaign creation process
    CampaignNow is designed to be highly user-friendly, with a clear step-by-step process to create your campaigns. We're continually rolling out additions and changes for an ever-improved experience.

  4. Full white label service
    Our service comes entirely free of CampaignNow links and logos, so your supporters only see your brand.

  5. Custom form logic
    You can use some simple script to make your forms more dynamic or provide additional functionality. For example, add some custom code to automatically match supporters with their politicians by zip code or only show certain questions depending on the responses in other fields.

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