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Choosing your campaign targets
Choosing your campaign targets

Set multiple or single targets for your campaign emails and decide whether supporters can choose specific recipients

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Campaign Options

There are a number of campaign-wide options available, and many can be configured while creating your campaign. Don't worry though, all of these are editable at any point in the future too.

Choosing your targets

CampaignNow actions can have a single target or multiple recipients. The best part is that you decide how your campaign targets will be selected. This can happen by simply setting all the desired recipients or allowing supporters to choose from a pre-determined list.

When creating or editing a campaign, the "choosing your target" option allows you to decide how the recipients of your campaign emails will be determined. There are three possible options:

  1. Allow supporters to choose a single target from a dropdown listSelecting this option will create a dropdown menu in the final campaign form where supporters will choose from a pre-determined list of targets. The name field will be visible to the supporter as they make their choice - the email will not appear.

  2. Allow supporters to choose multiple targets using checkboxesSelecting this option will create a list of checkbox fields, enabling supporters to choose multiple recipients from a pre-determined list of targets. Again, the name field will be visible to the supporter while the email will not appear in the form.

  3. Send all emails to all targetsThis option gives you full control as the campaign creator. You choose the targets for your action and all emails are sent to all the recipients that you add.

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