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What is CampaignNow?
What is CampaignNow?

Are you wondering whether CampaignNow can support your organisation or cause? Here's how we can help.

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What is CampaignNow?

CampaignNow is a direct email petition tool. It was originally created specifically for NationBuilder users, but can also be used with your own favourite CRM and campaigning tools.

Why do people love CampaignNow?

Our platform allows you to empower your supporters to email political representatives and other leaders about important issues. CampaignNow makes it easy to add an action page on your own website where your community can directly contact decisions-makers on issues that matter. For example, one of our NGO customer's recent campaigns allowed them to build their support base and shape legislative action by driving over 3,000 public submissions to a key government inquiry related to their cause.

The nuts and bolts: what CampaignNow can do for you

When you can create your first action in CampaignNow you will be able to decide what data to capture from your supporters, which target(s) will receive each email submission and what additional messages should be sent to people who take action. You can also connect your NationBuilder account directly with CampaignNow to ensure all your data is always kept in sync.

Once you finalise the details of your planned action, CampaignNow automatically generates code to add your new campaign directly to your website. We believe you should have full control over the design of your action pages, so we ensure our forms are not just beautiful but also 100% flexible and extendable. You can decide what data to capture and what custom functionality you need, and our skilled support team are here to help you deliver the results you seek.

What is the final result for your cause or campaign?

CampaignNow allows you to create gorgeous action pages with all the functionality needed to run an effective direct advocacy campaign. You will be able to organisae your community online so supporters can take action directly from your website. Their submissions will best sent to your campaign target, their data will be stored in your NationBuilder account (plus easily exportable for use with other tools), and you can trigger an auto-responder to thank you community for their support and efforts.

What are the next steps?

Send us a message if you have any questions, and all the best with your next campaign!

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